Find the best California Dentist for your dog

Yes that’s right. While dogs don’t need to brush as often as us, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ever dismiss it.

Dentists for dog can also be found in the United States of America and a lot in California. These specialized dental professionals are also educated in the same way as human ones, but they specialize in the veterinary and dental care for animals. Mainly dogs are the usual patients for these, but there are also some cases of other domesticated and wild animal patients.

Gum Disease

bad gums

Gum disease is the usual problem that pets usually have, especially the mammal kind. In many studies, dentists for dog noted that the problems concerning the gums and other related areas often occur around the age of three years. The area is often inflamed and infected which shows some if not all of these symptoms; reddish and inflamed gums, bad breath, bleeding and receding gums and eventually loss of teeth. Dogs with this disease suffer a lot and need the full attention of a qualified and licensed veterinary dentist. Medication may be necessary to manage and control the problem with the pet.

The cause of this may be attributed to the fact that most animals do not clean or brush them after eating. This results in food sticking to teeth and causing the buildup of plaque and cavities. Therefore, it is important that the pet owner should clean and brush to prevent any problems. There are also certain foods that should be avoided, such as sticky food that may coat the teeth and those with a sweet flavor. Chew toys are also recommended by dentists to simulate brushing and to stimulate the production of saliva which can help to prevent dental problems. Regular consultations with a qualified veterinary oral health professional are also a good idea for the vet to monitor the pet’s progress and growth.

Dental Caries and Tumors

dental carries

These are also included in the many problems that can occur to an animal’s dental health. Although unusual, cavities can happen and will need the attention of dentists who specialize in animal oral health care. Tumors may occur in dogs and are not so common in cats. These are highly noticeable as sizeable bumps in the gum line that grow bigger over time. These can be very painful and will need to be taken out as soon as possible to prevent the spread of the tumor.

Damaged Tooth

Chipped tooth

This can occur especially in dogs because they like to chew on hard surfaces and things. Light damage is not painful, and the animal can live with a chipped tooth, but when the pulp of the tooth is exposed, there will be a problem. The exposure can cause an abscess which can affect the entire jaw of the animal as well as be very painful. In cases like this, a root canal is recommended by the oral health care professional. This is pretty much similar to the procedure that is done to humans and can just be as expensive and extensive. There are other options such as creating a bridge and affixing it to the animal, but this can be risky since the animal will not know how to care for it and may find it initially cumbersome.


To top it all off, If your canines overall health is a priority to you (which it should), then you should be examining their teeths to see if they need attention. Since I lived in California, I found a great dentist for Rambo at If you’re in California then you can check to see if they have a location in their area. You can try other sites if you live in other states but that is just what worked for me.

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